The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) is an international non-governmental professional society whose aims are to foster the scientific progress, knowledge and development of occupational health and safety in all its aspects. It was founded in 1906 in Milan as the Permanent Commission on Occupational Health. Today, ICOH is the world’s leading international scientific society in the field of occupational health with a membership of 2,000 professionals from 93 countries.


Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences – DIMEC University of Bologna, Italy


The International Ergonomics Association (IEA) is the federation of ergonomics and human factors societies around the world entitled as international organization founded in Zurich (Switzerland) pursuant to article 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code. Currently IEA is officially registered in the municipality of Thônex, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

The mission of the IEA is to elaborate and advance ergonomics science and practice, and to expand its scope of application and contribution to society to improve the quality of life, working closely with its constituent societies and related international organizations.

The main goals of the IEA are:

  • To develop more effective communication and collaboration with federated societies
  • To advance the science and practice of ergonomics at an international level
  • To enhance the contribution of the ergonomics discipline to global society


The Italian Society of Occupational Health is a scientific society founded in 1929 with a membership of more than 1200 professionals.

SIML promotes Occupational Health from research to practice, taking into consideration cultural, technical and professional perspectives.

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